Advanced cooking and farming

Overcomplicating things for the sake of realism (or “immersion”) to the point of ruining the gameplay & fun is never a good thing.

Also, pls no moar rng

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I don’t see what point you’re trying to make

It works well enough in TLD, it’ll work in UII

I asked for an ellaboration and that really isn’t one…

Seems like everyone seems to be going between extremes of advanced biochemistry and having it be a trivial part of the game.
I think that eating cooked food would give better hunger replenishment and eating some raw foods should have a chance to make you sick-salmonella off a raw chicken for example. There is really no need for separating proteins from fibre and realistic illnesses, just something like vomiting up some of your food meter or lower maximum health and stamina. Depending on what kind of illness(and even then only 3 or 4 general illnesses like food poisoning or flu from cold is really needed)
The only real use for complicated recipes is to trade with NPC’s.
There should probably be some progression like iron stomach, better cooking for skills.
and here I go with yet another demanding post.

Why would raw food fill you up more? It’s unhealthy af.

Perhaps we used to be able to eat raw foods without getting sick, but we can’t do that anymore.

You can’t force your body to be fine with healthy foods as soon as the apocalypse happens.

Also, raw foods would be less filling as our bodies are so unused to it at this point they will just get rid of it as soon as possible.

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Back in the day, you still had to cook the meat unless you had no other choice. Fire and heat kill the bacteria present in the meat which drastically decreases the chance of getting sick. So raw food can fill up 50~75% of what the cooked foods can give, in addition to a chance of getting sick or simply decreasing the player’s immunity.

Because back in the day there weren’t as many diseases, but as modern medicine came into play, so did modern viruses. Now, back then they didn’t have a cure to most diseases, but they also weren’t that many diseases. But now, everyone is prone to be infected with a disease but modern medicine prevented it from causing excessive fatalities. So if U II is gonna be in the future with a deadly virus spreading, then raw food is gonna be fucking awful if you think about it. So cooking should be mandatory if you wanna stay on the safe side and get the full effect of the food that you consume


I don’t think that raw food should provide less food than cooked food per se, just that food poisoning would just make you vomit up what you just ate.

oops that was a typo its meant to be cooked foods give that bonus
Ill go fix it

maybe it fills you up temporarily, but you lose hunger quickly?

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You guys have said that hunger should be simplified into just hunger and thirst bars, i read the wiki and Nelson apparently plans to split the food into vitimins and stuff like i said.

still think thats silly

agree with everything but making water fill up less, just make bottles more scarce so we dont have to carry a bunch. as well there could be wells and stuff for base water supply

hes not splitting it up that way, hes just saying depending on vitamins and such is how much it will fill you, and if you eat too much of one thing it wont be as filling.

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(this post has become a topic of it own)

I already, on multiple occasions, have said that water bottles (and basically any food item) should not give as much benefits as it does in 3.0
60% water regeneration from 1 water bottle is a bit overkill for a game that wants to be hardcore, so I have previously suggested that (for comparison) all food items should provide 50% of what they do in 3.0

well thats what you say, and I’ve said what I think

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