Advanced cooking and farming

Cooking in 3 is never used except in rp. I think it should be a much bigger thing in 4. This could be achieved by making foods spawn less and making foraging and hunting more rewarding.

In 3 you eat raw potatoes without blinking an eye. I think for 4 raw food should not only give you little nutritional value, but have a chance to make you feel sick.(screen wobbles a bit i guess and your character makes more noise or stumbles). So basic cooking should be a must, i made a post about advanced hunger earlier were i talked about how hunger should be split up into carbs, fats and proteins, but vitamins and mabye even Fiber should also be included.

Cooking should require some tools and preparation, but should be rewarding, rather than cold food. Opening canned food should take a can opener or a knife if desperate (but with a chance to cut yourself while fumbling with a can and blade). Cooked food should be a must for most meals, veg, meats and canned foods should give buffs if cooked well such as strength ect. Where as raw food can be eaten and even trained to digest well by a hardened surivivor but for new people who grew up on cooked food, it would make them uneasy, hard stomach could like a starting buff/trait that could let you eat raw veg for little punishment.
Food rotting
Basically food should go of without referigeration, meats quickly in particular, so salting and cooking/smoking will preserve you food.

Insteed of sacrificing half you crop to seeds like in 3, some veg like potatoes should be planted directly, others could have seeds taken from them before eating with a chance of failure, crops should be different sizes, like small potato, large potato, medium potato. And some will grow poor to eat depending on care. These duds would be the best choice to replant and save the best for eating, each plant should give more than just 2 with a good farmer, some plants sold grow first, then give of fruits without having to regrow compleatly.

Foraging and hunting
Better hunting has been promised, like skinning animals. You should always get meat from animals unless you shred there body. Small animals like rabbits and squirrels should be common, and larger animals trackable, giving plenty of meat. Berries and wild vegetables should spawn, but only good foresters should be able to identify what is dangerous and what is edible. Some berries will look the same and only skilled people will get names when hovering over it in the inventory. With a hardened stomach some roots could become a menu option. Also sticks and logs and stones can be found laying around, so you don’t have to chop or mine to get some resourses.

This would greatly impact surivival gameplay, i think with things like foraging for food and supplies would really give unturned that great survival touch, i think that one day we can have pure wilderness surivival servers, that would be cool as very thing would need crafting. But anyway that’s just my opinion.


Unturned is not a hardcore survival simulation and unnecessary realism makes the game unenjoyable. I just want to eat potatoes without having to master the art of cooking.


You don’t have to master it, heating it up is all it takes. I’m talking about a normal mode server anyway, if you like easy mode with the pvp scrubs then no food penalties for easy mode. Normal mode is supposed to be surivival, and cooking isn’t a hardcore feature, its a basic game feature that helps stop it from being the pvp fest that is is on “surivival” servers on easy mode.


Reasons why you shouldn’t just snack on potatoes without at least cooking them.

Indigestible Starches

Starchy foods, such as raw potatoes, unripe (green) bananas, plantains, and some legumes contain large amounts of resistant starch – a type of starch that is very slowly or incompletely digested in the small intestine.

By eating raw/uncooked potatoes, green bananas or uncooked plantains, large amounts of indigestible starches pass through the small intestine almost intact. When they reach the large intestine, colon bacteria feed on it producing gas.

Please note that while the resistant starches have shown to exert various health benefits when used in small amounts as supplements, the amounts of resistant starch of over 30g (equivalent to a medium size potato of approximately 250g) may cause gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal pain, discomfort, bloating, flatulence and cramps.

If you decide to use a raw potatoes as a supplement, and are not accustomed to resistant starch, start with small amounts and increase gradually. A commonly used method is to shred uncooked potato into food.

Cooking potatoes and plantains and ripening bananas breaks down the cellular walls of these resistant starches, making them digestible.


Bacteria such as Listeria, E. coli and Salmonella are found in water and soil. Potatoes may absorb some of these bacteria while growing, as well as during harvest or packaging. Cooking the potatoes destroys the bacteria. Eating the potato raw may cause abdominal cramps, diarrhea, fever and an upset stomach.


Two toxic chemicals (steroidal glycoalkaloids) solanine and chaconine are naturally present in potatoes and are important components of their resistance against pests and pathogens. They can be, however, toxic to humans when taken at high levels.

When subjected to stress (sunlight, incorrect handling or bruised, sprouted or damaged in any way) potatoes release these toxins in potentially harmful amounts that can be deadly. Any form of cooking does not reduce the amount of these toxins, and only up to 30% is removed by peeling them.


Normal mode is suppose to be survival correct, but stuff like different vegetable sizes, stomach hurts or having to take care about fat, carbs or whatever. This has nothing to do with Unturned anymore and would be annoying in the long term. One of the main reasons Unturned is still being played is that the game is simple Overall. No unnecessary features like screen wobbling when feeling sick or stomach making noises.

Reasons why video games exist:


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epic gamer

well nelson has sayed that unturned ll is going to have more survival features, and cooking is 100% going to be a usfulle feature, 3.0 would have had more survival features in it but due to the community shifting the game towards a pvp/base raiding/modding/rocket mod/ doughnut shop RP simulator based game he didnt take the game in a survival based direction because the community wannted it in another direction. And yes unturned is not ment to be a hardcore survival simulator and i dont think it will be but right now you can even call unturned a survival game because there is no form of survival to it and all you do is having pvp and raid bases or play on RP servers running your little shop

so if the game gets to complicated because you have to boil a a F****ng potato or cook some meat then i dont know what to say, what is even a survival game if you dont need to give a shit about cooking anything and just eat the potato or whatever it is without and thoughts of prepearing it in anyway.

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The potatoe thing was a joke and just a example for making simple things unnecessary complicated.
I think that cooking should reward you more, but you shouldnt immediately get sick when eating 2 raw potatoes.
I want U II to be more survival than it is now, thats for sure. But just dont turn it into a simulation.
I dont like the fact that you just join servers to straight up pvp. Dont get me wrong, I love to pvp and will always but it feels like its the main reason to even play this game anymore. It should be harder to get loot in general and more rewarding if you visit high populated areas. Base building should be easier and more simple and raiding should be harder. I dont want another Unturned 3, its just that adding stuff that would make it complicated because “its realistic” is the wrong way.

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ok now i understand, i do get the “realism for realism is bad” but i like realistic features if they balanced and enjoiable to play with, and yes you should not get puniched immediatly if you eat some unprepeared food, but i dont wannt it to be at the point where cooking isent used because you can just eat everything as it is

The thing here is that a part of this is correct, but another part shouldn’t.

The fact that you gain 20% food and 20% water from eating 1 vegetable.
The part where food should be more scarce is agreed on, 100%
And cooking should be more mandatory in II than it is in 3.0
In 3.0, you only cook to flex on the noobs, for RP purposes, or you’re just bored and have too many items.

I agree 100% with you regarding that raw foods should give minimal benefits, in order to give importance to cooking in the long run. I believe you forgot to mention that spam-eating the same food should result in reduced benefits to the extent of harm. Eating raw the first 3 potatoes should give the same benefits, eating 3 more will only give 75% of the benefits, then 50%, then no benefits. And if they proceed to ingest the same food, it will result in harm regarding the immunity.

Another thing I wanna/have suggest(ed) to change is the benefits of the foods in 3.0 compared to II. A water bottle gives 60% water, why don’t we reduce that to 30%. It might not be realistic, but it sure as hell will stop people from having full stats in just a few clicks. That, in addition to food scarcity is the hardcore survival we need.

Regarding food spoilage, this idea has already been talked about and suggested in previous posts.

As for hunting, I would suggest that if the animal was killed by a shot to the stomach, the meat should lose quality. The more bullets hit the body of the animal, the less quality the meat will be, encouraging people to use bows/sharp melee weapons and go for headshots.


I’m thinking maybe there’s a wood stove and a electric stove with the the wood stove you will need to keep it fueled and it will heat up the surrounding area and cook the food. And if you keep your food on the stove or over the camp fire for to long it will burn. And if you don’t have the proper cooking skill you will have a higher chance of ruining your food.

You will always have unturned 3 for pvp. Unturned 4 is for people who like surivival, but want pvp and stuff aswell.

  • Eating raw vegetables doesn’t have the same effect as alcohol, let’s just get that out of the way. A more practical way of having a downside to eating uncooked stuff would be your immunity % lowering, but realistically that would apply for everything except vegetables.

  • Unturned is a zombie game. We don’t need hunger to, and I quote, “split up into carbs, fats and proteins, but vitamins and mabye even fiber”. It’s just common sense.

  • The entirety of my family has never, at least in my life period, needed any sort of tool to open cans, and yet here we stand. Also, adding a chance of health damage to doing so is unnecessary RNG.

  • Assuming eating raw food has immunity % impact, what you suggested is basically the Hardened skill in 3.0, which will probably carry on to UII one way or another.

  • I mean yeah but that’s at least the 1000th time this mechanic is suggested.
  • I don’t see why we should complicate the act of eating something. Pressing F is enough, I don’t want an option to “[F] Take Off Seeds” because that’s just retarded. Same with a “chance of failure” which adds to the retardation and probably doubles it.

  • Different vegetable sizes are a decent suggestion as long as they fall under the same name and item ID.

  • The amount of new items a cropping gives back should be affected by game difficulty mode and skill level.

How do you open cans then? Either all your cans are the type with tabs or you have fingernails of steel.

Sadly my nails are pretty shit

But yeah literally every can I’ve witnessed has tabs

Yeah, that makes sense.

So how would you open a can that doesn’t have a tab, like what is being discussed here?
@Mercury is on the right track, but some of the shit he’s suggested doesn’t match up. Why are you losing health just because you opened a fucking can of beans? In any case, opening canned food should be easiest if it has a tab, otherwise there are three ways to approach this:

  1. Can opener
    Easy enough. I don’t think I need to elaborate further.

  2. Knife
    Takes slightly longer than a can opener, but it can still get the job done pretty well.

  3. Smashing the can open
    Takes the longest and is an available option if there are no knives or can openers around, but a percentage of the food is also lost.

You simply don’t because adding cans without tabs is an unnecessary detail that doesn’t contribute to gameplay in any good way. It doesn’t make the game any more challenging, it’s just a nuisance that should well be ditched.

I disagree.

And my friend here agrees.