Aesthetic Items, Utilities

Well, many devlogs ago we saw some aesthetic items, such as a military necklace, glasses, and watch, a belt was also present but currently it is embedded in the pants.

These are very cool items, but I think they can be useful in many ways, let’s check

Have you ever gone exploring and returned when it was dark? The answer for sure is yes, the night is much harder to see zombies or anything else and not knowing when this will happen is a big disadvantage, so we have the wristwatch!, with it you can know how much time is left for dusk and how much to dawn, is interesting to see the day end early in certain seasons.

Sure you can know just by looking at the sky, but the wristwatch shows you much more precisely.

Various types of glasses.
Well, ordinary glasses are pretty useless, but they could give extra resistance to melee blows, as well as swimming goggles that make vision in the water less blurred.

Its are a kind of military necklace for identification, but we already have our name bar in the game, its can be used to put extra information, initials of your name, nationality etc, although I think 90% of the players would do make bad jokes, it would be nice to be able to use it as a collar if we can tame animals in the game, if not possible it is still just an aesthetic item.


Swimming glasses or skiing goggles could also be used to see better in blizzards as well and keep you a bit warmer.


These types of items, personally, I hope are present in the game. In addition to giving a greater possibility of customization to our character may also, as you said, have useful (even small).

When we talk about wristwatches, I imagine them to be useful in places where there is no natural light, such as inside dark tunnels or caves, so it is a very useful item. But I believe the time should be shown when we open the inventory.


Besides, I agree with everything you said and I believe items like this are good items to be in the game.


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