Ok before you complain how it doesn’t fit unturned, keep in mind how in 3.0 we have the skycrane which can airlift anything aslong as it fits under.

Now there isn’t much to really say but, what if depending on the helicopter size you can as a pilot lower cables and a player below while you hover can connect them to a small vehicle or cargo of some sort that the helicopter is able to lift, this would be neat attention to the game as well as allow for moving bases (not the actual base but the items or vehicles) to new locations, small helicopters such as transport could swingload maybe only small cargo crates or maybe a quad bike in terms of size and weight, and for larger vehicles the ability to swingload normal cars and things BUT not tanks and heavy armored vehicles for balance and realism sake.


I think this mechanic should extend beyond just airlifting with helicopters, and include mooring lines and tow cables of boats and cars. Maybe even functional cranes. If we could build makeshift cranes of some sort, this could entirely replace car jacks as the way to get vehicles out of difficult positions.


simply. I just think this is a great idea.

same to you, great extended idea

i think the cranes could be cool, but would be difficult to implement well. Like i would imagine a crane would be pretty large, and if you just left these things lying around it could really clutter a map. But in terms of the towing a really love that idea

Cranes already are pretty big in 3.X, so I don’t really see how they would be a problem. Any sort of makeshift crane I thought would obviously not be anywhere near as large, but perhaps it would be better to just have said winches (and maybe pulleys?) and have players build their own towers if they need to pull from a higher angle.

ngl I did take the idea of airlifting in the way i described it quiet a bit from Arma 3

though working cranes and makeshift ones would be pretty cool

Justin I saw the video, I don’t think carrying 3 attack helicopters from 1 Chinook is a good idea. :smiley:

You don’t know that :silent_judgement:

Why not? >:( Its effiecent

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