Alberta Map Devlog #1

I’ll make the map Alberta like I planned 3 years ago, the map is Medium, it will have all types of trees and berry bushes. It will also feature NPCs with Quests, I’m also planning to get custom vehicles, buildings, items, etc… You might know my best mod on the workshop (John Wick Mod). I will edit this post later, when I will have completed the Trello, I’ll try to keep this post updated as I work on the map.

Trello : Trello

If you have any suggestions of things to add, fell free to add me on Discord : William Wallace TC#9999 (add me as friends, because my DMs are closed to non-friends)


Wasn’t already an Alberta map?
But good luck with the project and welcome to the forums!

There is indeed already one made, but I was planning it way before the one that is currently available on the workshop was even being planned. And for anyone wondering, I’m using another account, because, I don’t have the password for the other one, and I don’t use the other account email address, so I made a new one with my main email.

Welcome back to the forums, and good luck with Alberta - seems pretty ambitious!

Some advice for you from one ambitious project dev to another:

  • Try not to overwork yourself - take things one step at a time, pace yourself so you don’t burn yourself out
  • Keep things organized - folder structure, spreadsheets for IDs, etc. will make your life so much easier when working on things
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help - it doesn’t hurt to ask questions even if you think they’re dumb ones
  • Get creative with it - most maps nowadays lack ‘soul’ and unique aspects, so don’t be afraid to make any crazy ideas you have into reality
  • Take care of yourself - don’t be afraid to take breaks and do things with friends/family/etc., people will understand

Big projects with lots of cool stuff planned take quite some time to do (especially solo!) and it helps the quality of your content a lot to pace yourself and avoid rushing things - a delayed mod will be eventually good, but a rushed mod will be forever bad, so don’t be afraid to take your time on Alberta.


Thanks a lot for these advice Falken, I’m really organized for the map, all the custom stuff is in a Bundles folder in the map files, so people don’t have to download 2 different mods at the end. You probably don’t know, but I’m helping bundling the buildings from the City Expansion Pack, I do also help Torqs out with Escape from Unturnov II. Thanks a lot again for these advices, I’ll follow them next time I work on the map.

about this, I got an idea, I don’t if people like it, but I added a slight chance that dead trees spawns with normal trees, because, dead trees are only found in deadzones, but you can normally find them around in forests, do you think its a good addition?


I’m currently working on a prison to add north of Calgary. The prison model is almost done, I made the sign to add at the front of the prison entrance. The prison will be called Red Deer (there is a multi-purpose correction center in Alberta called Red Deer Remand Center in Red Deer, Alberta btw). Here’s a picture of the sign :
Make sure to check the Trello of the map to see the work I have made so far!

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Here’s the radio station on top of the Banff Mountain. Any suggestions, comments or tips?
Make sure to check to the Trello to see advancement on the project! I've changed Trello permission, you can now leave comments under the Trello card if you want to ask question, give tip or even give me some feedback. (repost of the thing above, because the forum system didn’t like it having the trello link in it. :/)


I’ve worked on the prison building. Its completed now, here’s a picture of it.

Any suggestions for a location? NPC?


I feel like you could improve that main entrance a little bit and maybe try adding a slight red tint to the walls, the grey and red as you have them don’t look the best.


I’ll try to come up with some weapons or vehicles for the next update, to make this devlog more spicy! Any suggestions, I open to everything, feel free to give me feedback so I can improve my stuff.

This as nothing to do with Alberta Map, but here’s a time lapse of me creating a building for a commission :

I almost got a pistol ready to show for you guys!

Hey if you are also doing guns can you add a browning hipower or a smith wesson 5946?

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Alright, good for you. @WW_TC

very nice work

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