All time favorite map?



What is your favorite map? It can be anything from curated, official to workshop

My favorite is this map: “Greenport island” its outdated, last updated on 2016 but i remember playing on it and it was just so cool, the way it was made was just really unique
one of the coolest parts on the map was a mountain with a road spiralling upwards to the top, at the top there was a dam, following it leaded you to a snow biome.


I think this is better placed in Unturned 3.x?


Devtest, Canada and Old PEI because nostalgia.


Recatagorized. I always loved the chernerus maps, getting all 10 of my boys on a heavily modded server with a shop plugin and making everyone on the server hate us in under a day. Massive fights at the airfields where we would all have a bed and it was mostly a war of attrition. It might not be the most vanilla experience of the game, but that was the one my friends and I spent the most time on.


from current map pool most favored maps are russia and washington

from workshop i’ve used for some 2015 era battlekot maps when there was only devtest and ugly ass canada


apologies, it was a mistake


It will always be Washington for me.


Russia, Yukon, and New Brunswick

Yukon: adds some cool Skill and hardship to a map. Now you have to monitor the cold
Russia: Washington v2. Its big and has great pvp locations
New Brunswick: Pei v2. Large and has great looting locations


Yukon, Hawaii, Germany


Devtest_1 gang represent.

The era of Canada was also nice, but being honest, the map had a ton of design flaws.


Russia, Greece, Hawaii
Yes I know hawaii and greece are apparently trash maps but I like them ok!


i dont care what people say, hawaii was my all time favorite. you can find the best places for base building


Chernarus, probably. Overgrown 2 and 3, as well.


2.0’s PEI.


rio is a pretty good map


athens arena by danaby2


kuwait by animatic


danaby no please




Rio de Janeiro by FlodotelitoKifo and RIo gang