All time favorite map?



yukon, because there arent crazy items and it just good old survival, and for some reason being in a base next to my cozy campfire with a buddy while watching the blizzard outside through the window feels so cozy


Yukon is one of my favorites but it is very outdated by today’s standards. Personally I really love Hawaii and Russia since they were the first maps I was able to get really hyped over and they both represent a raised bar for map quality and style since. Only issue I have with Hawaii is the lighting and how much it increased compound.


Greensquare Island by Cesspitsid


Pei Will Always Be My Favourite
For Modded Maps Chernarus, Pei Large, Washington Large


no one likes newer made maps lol

all the old ones (russia and older) are were its at


Russia, Washington and Chernarus


I remember playing smiley’s islands and the dragon’s peak. Those are my favorite workshop maps, curated would be France and vanilla Washington.:fr::us:


france is curated btw


Thx for the correction🌭




France is permanent curated.

Permanent curated maps, along with official maps, fall under the vanilla category as they are not mods.


SPI uwu

overgrown 2, overgrown 3 and overgrown 3+ are probably the best workshop maps, along with Chernarus, and Ural Mountains. WhenGrassStartsToGrow is pretty good too.


vomits in brexit


fly parkour by danaby2


Gonna keep it real here, My favorite is PEI because its the one I spent the most time on. Based not on the playtime and shite I reallllly like germany. Arena would be Monolith.


sorry you mean ghost valley right?


It would be a bit selfish to claim my own map as my favorite. Plus Ghost Valley 2 Is better.


sorry i thought benson created ghost valley, why are you claiming his work as your own?


benson has created nothing of worth, he is just a slimey little man trying to clench to nelsons success he will never amount to anything.


Greece,Germany,Ireland. Germany the most.