Allow Players to Remove Kill Counters

Honestly, it’s completely ridiculous and outrageous that players can’t remove kill counters from a weapon skin. I’m currently trying to sell a mythical that has a kill counter, but can’t because it has one. There are two buy orders for the same skin, but I can’t message these buyers to tell them that I’m selling the skin because of the way Steam Market works. If I put the skin up on the market place, these buyers would not be notified because it has a kill counter, so it would never be bought. This would be easily fixable if I could just remove the kill counter from the skin, but for whatever absurd reason, I can’t. It should and must be a addition to the game.


thas just unlucky, Kill counters are there to be one. So basically its supposed to be a one way ticket

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got nea nead

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if kill counters not i think Zero Kelvin Weapon Kits should be a thing

Agreed that it would make sense, so I’ve put it on the to-do. (no ETA) Due to how those per-item modifiers are applied it might have to be setup as a separate tool like “weapon cleaning kit” that when used removes any modifiers.


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