Allow Radios to be Lockable

I think radios are an awesome part of the game, but there is one thing really holding them back in my opinion… an option to make them lockable. Adding the “Locked” line in the config does nothing sadly. In servers it can be really annoying when you have a song playing on a radio and some random person comes up and changes it or turns it all the way down. I also think a volume modifier would be cool too so you can adjust the volume multiplier in the config.


I agree with this suggestion.
I too had a request regarding the functionality of the Locked command and thought it needed to be changed so that Farm type barricades used as crop seeds could be prevented from being harvested by other players through the Locked command.

Having radios lockable would make sense, crops tho I dunno.

Hi Rageless! Hope Hypnotic is doing well. I think these are both unnecessary suggestions. Having radios and the like be lockable makes no sense within the bounds of realism. Just simply protect your devices. Have a base. An enclosed area. It brings value to such a place for that reason. Same goes for crops. It’s your fault if those tomatoes in the middle of nowhere are nabbed by a starving survivor as free food.

True, what about stuff in communal bases/areas tho?

I understand your point, and I’m not saying it should be enabled by default, but there should at least be an option to make them lockable in the config.

This Trello post might be relevant to the topic.
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