Allow servers to adjust the flinch mechanic and the "red screen" when taking damage

The current flinch mechanic in regards to pvp is broken,currently it is impossible to hold a crosshair static on a target when receiving damage. This is more apparent in intense pvp situations where multiple enemies could be inflicting damage on your character. Before the “new recoil” update flinch was more manageable and aiming and hitting a target was more based on skill rather than rng of where your enemy shoots you. I suggest that if not updating recoil gamewide and reducing flinch. Give servers the option to remove both the physical flinch and the intensity of the red screen that comes with taking damage.

(Also interesting is the red screen when taking damage barely shows up in any recording, but It basically blinds you when looking at your screen.)

The blinding affect doesn’t add any depth to the gameplay or make pvping anymore fun. Its a frustrating touch that lessens enjoyment of one of the key aspects of the game. It doesn’t even out the playing field;either whether you have 10 hours of 3000 its still a annoying factor. And it leads to a more camp heavy playstyle. Though this may be fine in survival mode. In more popular pvp orientated servers there should be no problem in letting those who enjoy the pvp aspect of the game play uninhibited by RNG heavy variables like flinch.

Also screen shake should be variable that can be adjusted per server owners discretion.


Or alternatively you could just level up toughness?

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