Alright, Let's Get This Out Onto a Tray




@nelson ban please


what is funny here i literally dont get it can someon explain please i beg you i am on my knees


I think its because 81


Yare yare daze…

This is a meme based on a catchphrase often used by a Youtube channel by the name of Steve1989MREInfo, who makes videos reviewing, well, MREs.

As you can probably guess, every single one of his videos starts off with him opening the packing and then saying “alright, let’s get this out onto a tray.” Shortly afterwards, due to editing magic, everything appears neatly on a stainless steel mess tray, with Steve then exclaiming “nice.”

It’s an inside joke to those to who watch his channel, kind of a hit-or-miss type of meme. Clearly you don’t watch his videos, so of course you wouldn’t understand this meme.


bro thats a really long string of words can i get a tldr


Unfortunately, no. Why can’t you just say “long post so must be good?”


ok i have done it, i’ve read it and will now provide a tl:dr for all forum users

tl:dr YT bloke Steve1989MREInfo reviews MREs, he starts off his videos violently opening an MRE and says “alright, let’s get this out onto a tray" (title), then the MRE’s contents appear on the tray neatly organised


does the tray open faster with purchase of one or more arena bundles or is the sharps rifle the only suitable can opener on the market

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Hope is having coffee instant :triumph:

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You’d be surprised, because I’m usually alone at home.

But of course, you wouldn’t know that because you’re the type of guy that unironically makes shitposts in a non-meme category, gets mad when someone gives you legitimate feedback, and then makes baseless assumptions about another person on an 11-day old thread just to get on their and everyone else’s nerves.

Oh, I’m sorry, did I trigger you again by going off on another ridiculous tangent that may or may not be carefully engineered just to mess with you? Would you like me to get on my knees and kiss your feet by way of apology? Yeah, no, like hell that’s going to happen.

You ever heard of Newton’s Third Law? That every action has an equal and opposite reaction? Yeah, this post is like that, except the reaction is much larger than the initial action. You may be wondering why I’m even bothering to waste my time on a pinnacle of human excellence such as yourself. Well then, let’s take a look at the facts, shall we?

  1. You clearly possess at least a moderate understanding of the English language, which proves that you have indeed passed third grade. Hoo-ray. Unfortunately for you, this reveals that you do in fact know how grammar conventions work and that you’ve only been pretending to be illiterate. Which, in my humble opinion, makes your situation worse. Why would you pretend that you can’t type English when in actuality you can?

  2. You are in no position to judge another person. Despite all the shit I do, I at the very least make some contributions to the community. You do not. Hell, I’m going to go out on a whim here and say that even Pesky is more useful than you are.

  3. You’re annoying as all hell. After your outwards facade has finally crumbled after you’ve gotten fed up, you’ve resorted to actual English before devolving into a short but sweet rant on how everyone except for pondfisher is a dick towards you, without even considering that perhaps you do deserve this.

Have I covered everything? I think I’ve covered everything.

Want an Orange Vanilla Coke to go with that?

I’d like to apologize to anyone else reading this. For some reason I really got ticked off when this guy necroposted just to tell me that.


So i click on this thread thinking it was a jojo reference, it’s not but i found a jojo comment yay

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Yes please I’ll take two


I’ll take a vanilla ice with that order.

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I’d say something along the lines of bottled water but can I just get a like?


normally i hate communists. i’ll make an exception for you. this was a good laugh.


yikes that bait


Beat me to it.

Steve then proceeds to ate the MRE, including the packaging.

Nice hiss

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why the fuck are we making jojo references in this thread god bless the fourms