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No, look… Just look up zombie apocalypse simulator on the Google play store. I’m thinking of something similar to that, but more advanced and possible 3d.

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You want to make a 2d (survival?) game, and you said that to ere was already a 2d (survival?) game on the market soooooooooooooo…

look, Im making it for pc. it isnt a survival game. litteraly the whole point of this game is to watch the infection start, and spread, the game on the appstore is literally just watching a horde of zombies attack a town and it being infected, as well as being able to send in a soldier or 2 and some helis to evacuate civilians.

My game will have vehicles, while the game ont he appstore will not. you can affect the environment more, like possible causing a fire to start in a building, and such. in my game, you can watch the people build barricades, and those barricades be torn down.

As well as you can either watch the military bomb the city, or send in groups of soldiers to contain it, or heck, build a fence around the city. (this will be randomized, you have no choice on this)

If I make it 3d, then there will probably also be a mode where you can play as one of the people during the infection. so yeah.

There will be all sorts of vehicles, and wrecks. trains either crashing or stopping in the tracks after infection, thich ends up causing another train to crash eventually. Vehicles react to nearby people being infected, and they speed up as they drive up. People try to attack the zombies and end up getting killed because they “Think” they can beat them easily.

And then theres the aftermath, where you watch scavengers, untill you either reset the map, or watch till they all die. then you can do whatever you want to the city, as it has no survivors. Who knows…

there… I told ya.

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Personally I think a 2D game that have a similar movement mechanic that of Undertale would be nice.

Maybe in a style of “One chance”… with that said movement… just in my opinion though.

When you say 2d do you mean isometric or Terraria esque?

If you mean top down by isometric then yes.

eh close enough

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