So, I had a BRILLIANT idea for a game. but I need to learn how to use all the programs involved.

So, could people link me to stuff that helped them learn programs like blender, and maybe unity better.


Im not gonna say what its about for now, until I have some actual stuff going. and it might take a LONG time to do T-T

thank you all again.

Here’s a good place to start


Hmmm okay
Ill do it.,

Wish me luck. even though Im also trying with unity XD

Use Unreal my guy, sure it’s harder, but everyone is using it and with good reason.


K thanks. if you truly want to know what its about, you can dm me XD

Is it a Doom clone where all of the enemies are people on the Forum? With Molton being the Final boss?

no. just… Ill message you the details. It doesnt have anything to do witht he forum XD, though I might make references.

ain’t too hard if you use blueprints

if you put me in as a reference i’ll get the game

If im not super lazy and dont do it just randomly, and remember to do so, sure.

Do 2D, know what you’re cabable of and don’t start ambitious projects that you know you cannot finish, like me.

the thing is, a sort of 2d version has sorta already been done XD, well, on the google play appstore anyways. but okay, Ill start with that instead of 3d when I make it a real game XD

I’m interested on what your game might be like…

there. I invited you to the message where I explained it;.

Same, it sounds interesting.

I dont know what your meaning right now, do you want to know what its about, or what?

Yeah I’d like to find out about the game.

Pork invited you so you can see, there XD

You mean… Terraria?

wtf, no. How did you even relate this to terraria?