Am i the only one doing this?

Watching The blog 4.0 videos over and over again because of excitement

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I do it too because it will take 100 years until the beta actually releases.

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I guess it should be in memes category, right?

Knowing how Nelson operates, this won’t be the case. He always delivers on his promises.

Also, it’s good that he’s taking the time to properly polish and quality-check everything. We’ve seen the horrors of a rushed game foundation - namely early 3.0 with its horrible vehicle physics and optimization issues that are so deep they’ve haunted the game to this day.


And what makes you think 4.0 will actually solve anything? I mean do you think people will play it for more than a few weeks? It will be a survival game and I like that, but most people probably like a pvp spamfest like 3.0 is and they will get bored with “realism”.

And then it will bring in a new playerbase. Mature people. And, since 3.0 and 4.0 will be different games, if they like 3.0 so much they might even go back to it, but I highly doubt it.

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I hope so. And I am sorry, but I am really impatient and I want to play the game. Do you think the beta will take more than a month to release?

As said before, he’ll take his time. It also depends on how much he needs to do, at the moment he’s finishing up the test map and other core features for the game. I would say in 3 weeks or a (few) months, which may increase incase one of the features needed alot of time to work on.

Doubting or making assumptions of him/his work isn’t the way to go if you want him to go smoothly

There are plenty of reasons why he wants to work on a new version. One is for expanding possibilities, another for reworking core parts of the game which is impossible in the current version, and the other is to slowly build up a much different game to avoid backlash if it’s an actual replacement.

To a small batch of the community, as said by NeedlessMemeing, it is to build up a new playerbase. This is plausible as the current one has been alienated by plugins and the PvP aspects of the game

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Nah i dont think so this should be on the Memes category

I can wait dude.XD im jsut asking if someone do this too

Yeah just answering to that guy.

as for me I only rewatch the vids for references

Ohhhhh so thats why


  1. Finish map
  2. Create zombies and navigation
  3. Create a simple horde mode
  4. Polish everything
  5. Possibly admin tools
  6. Possibly finish dual-wielding
  7. Possibly work on more documentation for modding
  8. Finish updating to Unreal Engine 4.19.
  9. Possibly finish adding a pain flinch & flash to first-person.
  10. Virtual cursor and other controller-related QoL.
  11. Make sure all surfaces have unique sounds and surface decals.
  12. Possibly make sure every item has a textile variant, so we don’t all look incredibly similar.
  13. Possibly rebalance all current content.
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i can wait. i dont want the 4.0 beta to be running on my PC 18 to 20 FpS

I’ve watched them each around ten billion times.

Wait, one minute…

Ten billion and one.


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