Ambience Volume on Arena

I found that ambience volumes don’t work on arena map type. I have set blizzard on whole map and i was trying to disable fog (by adding ambience volume with fog override and set intensity to 0) only in my lobby area, but than after arena starts, the effect dissabling fog reamains. Second time i was trying to set ambience volume on part of arena to walk in (insted of being teleported in or out) and try if it works, but even than nothing happend. That volumes work only in places when you spawn (i mean lobby). When you spawn in volume dissabling fog, it stays with you on whole map (despite snow set in config.json). Also when you have clear weather, but want to enter volume with fog set, it don’t work too (by walking in and by being teleported by arena too). In survival map type it seams to be working correctly.

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