Amm is this a EasterEgg?

i’ve been flying with my friend last night with the helicoper here and i seen this .-. someone explain me what tf is it? If u think is this is photoshop go to taylor beach and check it by ur self. 2|628x338

I think this is an e.g. hint to 4.0 that its comming or the puzzle to the secret code that will give you the 4.x beta ohh… hmm… jk btw ther is a another one on the russia map if im right.

Ah you got me :smiley: for a second ah…

Better remove this,someone can get seizures from this.

I did. :(((((((((((((((((((

It’s the Autodecal, it is a test to see if nolsen can make decals select themselves randomly when placing the autodecal object.

Is that meant to be a joke?

There was another post that linked to a flashing image of Jeff the Killer with loud “jumpscare” noises. Either the mods removed it or OP removed it.

Ohh, okay.