Ammo conversion kits

Make guns have ammo conversion kits, so guns like aug and night raider don’t automatically take both ranger and military, perhaps they can use only one ammo type and have to be converted to the other.


Why? Also doesn’t make sense

Yeah why not instead just not have weird and wonky “double feed” guns like the AUG and Nightraider…? Assuming if caliber damage is a thing, which it very well looks like it will due to ammo types already being a thing, this’d just basically be a pointless addition as neither would likely be as good as the other nor would it even make much sense.

Terrible idea

So an assault rifle taking two types of ammo makes perfect sense to you?

I’m not sure if you understand what my suggestion is asking. I’m asking for that to not be the case… I am saying guns shouldn’t have two calibers and should have to be converted. Also perhaps different calibers have bullet drop differences or armour penetration so there is no “better” ammo type.

Not like you’d know what any of these words mean ■■■■■■.

I very much understand what you’re asking for as I’ve already made stuff like this for my own modding project and I can tell you this: It doesn’t solve anything other than usually make one of them completely pointless. There’s no real point and how the multiple caliber things are done now is horrific too and should just flat out be removed.

I think it would be cool to have caliber conversion kits, maybe a rare spawn to upgrade guns damage

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I think people are confused because your post is categorized for U4, but it talks about things that are almost exclusively relevant to U3. For example, “Ranger” and “Military” ammunition, even though U4 doesn’t use that system.

Yeah i see why people would be confused

Finnaly someone said that i think that could be added ofcourse changing a caliber should have benefits and disadvantages.

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