Ammo sound

When i look on #02 Blog … i hear the ammo drop sound … when it touches the ground.
Nelson, don’t forget on changing the sound when it drops on grass. :smiley:

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Did you just assume Nelson would forget something like that? HOW DARE YOU!


Might as well remind him to make a sound on chugging water from the toilet


make an individual sound for every single zipper on every jacket, backpack pocket, dufflebag, and first aid kit that you have to open

The drum being dropped in Devlog 3, the mention of crafted ammo in Devlog 4, and the cases being ejected throughout the Devlogs have made me wonder if we will be able to collect and reload spent cartridge cases.

I think that would cause the game to crash more than Payday 2 when using 5 mods at once, because do you have any idea how many pickable items are gonna be on the ground? And when a gunfight happens, it’s gonna be raining empty cases

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