Ammo Transferring

In vanilla ammo recipes are part of the mag or box being filled (receiving the ammo). Is it possible for a modded item to be able to transfer ammo to an already existing magazine or ammo box?

For example if I wanted to add a Jumbo XXL ammo box that holds 200 rounds, would it be possible to make vanilla mags able to be refilled from it? Or would I have to add new magazines entirely for that?

Add recipes to the item

So the only way to get it to work is to add the ammo blueprint to the receiving item, not the ammo box?

No, the ammo box actually, check the docs

So doing something this would make ammo box 55555 refill a military mag?

Blueprint_0_Type Ammo
Blueprint_0_Supplies 1
Blueprint_0_Supply_0_ID 55555 (modded ammo box)
Blueprint_0_Product 6
Blueprint_0_Build 30

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