Ammunition caliber

In the unturned II the ammunition will be described with the caliber an example that was presented to us was right at the beginning with the 556, and recently with 762, that is the system of civilian ammunition or Military ammunition is over, which makes sense already that putting a 9x9 mm bullet in a hunting rifle does not make sense or we will have a much wider variety of ammunition, but it gives me some doubts, would not it be kind of annoying to have to look for the exact ammunition for my specific weapon? In 3 a box of civil ammunition is used for pistols, hunting rifles, revolver etc., there have now been boxes of 9x9 mm, 357 magnum, and etc, but then these types of ammunition can be found in assortment at gun shops? Since in 3 was something well summarized 1 box of 40 bullets serves for all civilian weapons, but now whenever a box of 9x9 mm now spawn a box for hunting rifles will also appear? also for other calibers.

Yes this post is very subjective and somewhat confusing.

good question

Well it was kind of a question not an idea of ​​mine.

It’s 9x19, reeee.

It won’t be hard to find the calibre you want. It’s all a matter of where you are, your country’s laws pertaining to firearms, and demand.

sh*t ,please dont hurt me

yeah having 30 different kinds of ammunition will become tedious, but it may be necessary to balance out lower tier weapons and it will also promote melee because you won’t always have the exact type of ammunition you need.

also, if nelson is smart with the weapons he implements and limits the amount of different calibers it won’t even be that bad.

Craftable ammunition.

How about just a few different kinds of civilian ammunition.
Like you said 9mm for small handguns and a higher caliber bullet for civilian rifles.
This would also encourage trade as trying to find the bullets specifically for your gun type would balance guns and create insensitive for trading ammo.

Ps crafting ammo would solve some of the tedious ness. Plus add some logic that evaluates what guns have spawned around the bullets and then improve the chance for matching ammo.
It makes sense after all a house with 3 ace clips shouldn’t have a colt only spawn.

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