An ebicc number of memes



yea i don’t really know if i have posted these before however the captain underpants one is updated and i looked thru a bit of my post history and couldn’t find these so yea


Nice memes

insert kukoy bad meme post here

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OK I know it’s overplayed calling these bad, and this will probably be the last time I address these posts, but given the lack of appeal and the negative reception from the forums whenever one of these “kukoy meme mega threads” gets made, what could possibly lead you to want to post even more? I won’t even say anything about the quality of these particular memes, I just want to know why. Honest question. What could possibly lead a person to doing this considering all the factors listed above? Troll? Mere disillusion? Actual spite towards the forum users? Does everyone secretly really like these memes? I genuinely want to know.


He gets a few likes every post so it cant be that bad for him.


Usually if you make a serious thread you’ll get about 6x the amount of likes, that is of course if you put effort into it.

Take this man to the infirmary. He’s delusional.



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I am laughing. Great memes

i enjoy making these, i don’t really mind the bad reception and i don’t really care about the likes or whatever, but i upload these to steam anyways (where there is generally a mildly better reaction) and may as well upload these here. i understand the reception would be better if i didn’t include topics such as third person, but i think third person is a major problem, and i find them personally relate able.


Most people bash on my idea of EULA or Official Serv’s yet I continue to go with it.

Just because something is controversial and has some backlash/opposition doesn’t mean you should just stand down. Just because a majority exists, doesn’t mean the majority is right.

Just because people keep bashing on Kukoy doesn’t mean you should continue doing it, or expect him to stand down.

Because very much like me, Kukoy does not care about the “quality” or funny-ness of his memes, he only cares about conveying a meaning. Good memes can do both, but that takes actual effort. Why put effort into a meme when you could put more effort into the message, or just have the message be blatant?

For me, a little bit of everything. For Kukoy, probably to consistently remind people the broken parts of the game, even if people disagree. This is a tactic used everywhere, by political parties and ideologies too.

Not to get political or anything, but this video (neglecting the title, just the time given, watching for about 2min) somewhat explains the tactic Kukoy is utilizing here. How Kukoy propagates his anti-3rd person propaganda.

Something something hitler something say lie over and over it becomes truth something quote.

And afterall, if Kukoy enjoys making them, then so be it. Even if the (SPECIFICALLY SDG) community doesn’t like them, then maybe thats their fault. As Kukoy said

The common players of Steam, the common workers whom actually enjoy the game for its content and actively play it and look around on it, are the people who agree with him. And here, you could argue, the majority of the common players would align with Kukoy’s thoughts. Effectively, the people’s majority opinion are against the minority of elite SDG members opinion of Kukoy’s memes.

If Kukoy can win over the majority, then he wins. And he is winning. So why complain other than in defeat? ok now im starting to meme Truly Kukoy has crafted such an impeccable prose and style of making master-piece propaganda that sways the opinion of the greater community in his favor, and at the end of everything, he claims he loves Nelson to win over the hearts of both the gamers, and the god himself.

Just remember I used to make cringy anti-rocket pro-vanilla anti-garbage memes too. Which is far better than the inaction of moderate users who dont make any memes at all.



that is a lot of words.

in fact it is too much words


let the gamer class unite and rise

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Rain stole a lot of my memes.

Let’s not go throwing stones when we live in a glass house


I would actually assume the opposite tbh, the majority of active unturned players use and abuse 3rd person, and probably don’t have that many qualms about it, while the forums is almost unanimous in recognizing how god-awful 3rd person is in terms of game design. I personally stopped playing 3.0 almost solely because of how boring third person made pvp. The reason people don’t like the memes is because how how poor quality they are, not the message itself, and because everyone agrees with the message, the only thing really remaining is the medium, for example, look at the memes you gave as an example. The medium is bad in all of them. You have the original workers rise up squidword, but with a really poorly photo shopped USSR flag, and a photo shopped rocketmod symbol, and basic white non centered text. Its just not good medium. The second meme is a good template, but for some reason you didnt download the actual template, instead the original image itself so you had to put an ugly white box on it. The third is a stale meme and is making fun of some people for no real reason. Maybe look at the meme above it. “Being the creator of a small unturned club doesnt entitle you to make fun of random people because you feel like it”


not sure where you got that quote, but I now say

“The oldest yet still active (and formerly largest) one”

I do inactivity kicks. We’ve had 500 or so people at the biggest, but of course thousands of people have joined and left.