An Editor Suggestion for Roads

The way to place roads in the roads tab seems a bit strange. This is what I suggest for 4.0. In city skylines it allows you to make intersections easy.

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I would like making more complicated road networks easier. However, the current system for placing roads in general isn’t that bad at all.

Alternative suggestion: just allow multiple road nodes to branch off a single host node.

Also, rather than make a second node-based road network system for roads used in cities and towns, allow proper snapping of certain objects (and certain barricades, such as fences) to easily create seamless city road networks.

  • It’s not hard to do currently, but the main problem I have is that to do it perfectly you have to snap each object to map grid-type thing before you can actually put it on the ground where you want it. Then, when you do move it around, it’s permanently stuck like that because if you try to modify it, it will never snap back into the same level unless you just redo the whole network if you don’t want it to be ugly.

All of that aside: I wouldn’t mind more traffic signs and stuff. Might just be me though, dunno.


you are right but a bit strange for begeners in the map editor experience the cities skylines systeme will be cool and easyers to uderstand

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