An Escape from Tarkov like game mode

There has recently been a server on Unturned 3.0 where you can play a gamemode called “Escape from Unturnov” wich involves having sort of an apartment , a base if you wish , where you can store the loot you get by doing raids .
What is a Raid you might ask ? Well, a raid involves getting out of the base and into a combat zone with other players . Sort of similar to 3.0’s Arena except that you choose when you go in and when you go out and you also keep the loot that you found / looted from players you killed . As I mentioned before you can store that loot in your base , but you can also sell it to NPC traders whom you can also buy from . If you want to know more about this gamemode you should try it on the “[Official US #1] Escape from Unturnov” server .
Please share your thoughts on this topic down below :slight_smile: .


imo this sounds better as a mod instead of an official gamemode.


Sounds great ! But I would like yo see it added as an official gamemode further down the line if the players enjoy it !

If it’s a mod, than the creator better be better than the eft devs because they silence critism.


let’s not devbash - that’s not ideal - there is always alot more going on in the production room than we can see as the gamer… I’ve been watching EFT progression for awhile now. I don’t get the vibe that they suppress the community from what I’ve seen. On a rare occasion maybe, if something being spread through the community is false.

I love the mod and would really like to see it becoming official in some way. Potentially with some sorft of matchmaking that puts you in random servers or areas. However, I dont think that its worth for the hustle it will take. Nelson already breaks the entire game to he point he has to upload 5 hotfixes within a few days after adding a few additional features… no but seriously, I would love it but its really unlike to happen

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I know , Nelson realy has to focus on the main gamemode , and that’s the good old survival , but once he has a solid base game to buile upon , I can definetly see a gamemode like this being added , but I wouldn’t expect it to be added until 2-3 years into Unturned 4.0 .

Well Nelson did go out of his way to implement modding from early stages of development which means that most features that he adds already have modding in mind. Like that blastzone gamemode that was in the beta, players will be able to create their own custom gamemodes.

yeah it’s good

i’ve been having a blast playing Unturnov the last 48 hours!!!

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Doctors do not recommend staying up for +48 hours. Go to sleep.


Me too ! It’s realy brings something new to unturned !

Those doctors haven’t played Unturned yet .

Guess I’ll get back to playing Unturned then.

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