An idea about locking items (can also be applied for 4.0)

I have a simple idea in regards to locking storage, doors, and other things that are locked in metal form. It’s kindof detrimental to roleplay and realism when only the metal doors are locked. So my idea is the Key.

Found in construction locations rarely
Crafting recipe: 2-4 scrap, Crafting 1-2

If you craft a pine or below crate, library, door, whatever with the key, it gives the door the lock ability. How it works is when the door, crate, or library is hovered over, a second box with the word “Lock [O]” appears. If you press O, then it switches to unlock, similarly to how cars work. Here’s a shitty mock up of what I’m trying to explain.

What I was thinking is that metal items would already have this function enabled but with locked as default. If you wanted to have a locker where people could place their stuff freely (such as in a water park), or lock your crates in case of raiders, this would help you.

But oh Misterl212, what if a raider comes across a locked pine maple or birch crate and they can’t open it? Well, I also introduce (but not really) the lockpick.

Legendary Civilian spawns and/or common Militia spawns
Cannot be crafted

The lockpick acts like a stealy wheely for lockable items. If you click a lockpick on an item, it will have a chance to open it, depending on the item grade. Birch is easier to open then maple, pine, metal. The actual percentage could be up to Nelson or he doesn’t need a percentage. Unlike cars, the thief can only unlock an item, because only the group can unlock and lock the item. This could add a stealth element to raiding as people with enough lockpicks could enter a base and have minimal damage while still getting lot. Everytime a lockpick is used it disappears from your inventory for balance.

TL;DR Using an item, wood stuff can become lockable and you can use a lock pick to unlock it.


Good idea, but in my opinion lockpicks should be a little more common that legendary. The whole reason that wooden crates are unlocked is to encourage people to level up their crafting and build metal lockers or build a base to safely store their stuff.

Yeah you are right but his idea is really nice. Maybe the lock pick can be as rare as Stealy Wheely Automobiley

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