An idea for 3rd person

so i had an idea if 3rd person is going to be added in 4.x
what it is
is an option for when you are in 3rd person when hold right click it will take you to first person for looking down the sights


We can see same thing in pubg. But this is good idea.
Idea No.2 when we hold right button playa will shot more accurate

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I expect this to be a feature in 4.x, yet it would maybe remove the whole “3rd person has better view but worse aim” idea. If this is indeed going to be added it should be an option rather than default and unchangable.

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Well no, because if it becomes an option, you now have two kinds of people: those who don’t know this option exists, and people who exploit this option for a competitive edge.

it would still be cool to have

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