An idea for a map: Two Forks from Firewatch

I recently got the game Firewatch, and I realised that as the map is actually quite small, it would work well translated into Unturned. I don’t really have any skill in creating maps or using Unity, so this is more an idea for someone else to carry out.

That is the map above. I just want to know whether anyone would be interested in this.


The only problem is that it’s just a national park with a cave and two buildings.

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That’s for the explorable part, there are places like the lake that you can’t get into very much. Could be a possible nice alternative to current small/medium maps if expanded using what can be seen.

I fail to see how gameplay is going to progress beyond hordes of leather-clad androgynous square humanoids blasting each other in the face with wooden rifles.

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I like the map design, it could translate well into umtuend 4

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