An idea for high tier stuff in 4.x

If I’m not high or something, plz recategorize

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How would that helmet fit on a cube head?
-1 bad suggestion




Well, now that that issue has been addressed, I have to say that this is a well thought out, explained, formatted, and balanced suggestion.
10/10 Nelson pls add

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Yeah, that is high-tier and all.

But have you considered launchable nukes?

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What is that even supposed to mean

like at all


here are some launchable nukes

edit: here is launchable nuke but from a train

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can confirm we meant full-size launchable nukes, not that Fat Man stuff from the unrealistic Fallout series

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Was talking about the fat maam.

Enigma codes for launching ICBM my dude.

Enigma? Fucking enigma?

My dad works for the goverment and has said countless times “all those conspiracy theories are total bullshit, no goverment is that effective” and even he knows that enigma would be a terrible way to encrypt silo codes. (yes i know you were joking)

On that note, real cool kids (vandenburg air force base) use two sets of three encrypted 8 unit alpha numeric codes that are rotated every two and a half weeks

Nibba realism for the sake of realism is baaaaaad /s.

Well, man-portable nuke launchers did exist at some point, even mass produced.

How about this one?

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Is dat the tactile cuke?

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