An old bug (?)

My server Manager brought up a bug, that involved two things.
Ear rape, of rushing water before loading into the game.
When in game, when walking on the roads you bounce up and down and make no forward progress walking on the road and proceed to bounce unless you jump the road.

I think you may just be rubberbanding, check your internet


I am not rubberbanding. I can walk OFF ROAD just fine. Maybe if you read, you could umm… Ya know… Not make such a stupid observation. I don’t know how I rubberband on the Road, but not off the road. Oh yeah cause the game/server is bugged.

Yeah. That’s still rubberbanding. For some reason it happens on certain surfaces while others are fine.

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Rubber banding has nothing to do with surfaces, rubberbanding is an internet issue. (As far as I know)

BUUUUUUT no matter, the bug is there is a minor bug, kind of like the rushing water ear rape. Now Battle eye bs shit is going on now too. Poopoo

AnimaticFreak is actually right though. It’s mostly intentional because of authoritative mode iirc, which would be why that sometimes crouching/proning/jumping/anything-that-would-update-your-player-position while on the surface/object fixes it (sometimes). :thinking:

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I’m not one to be rude or rash when it comes to replies, but god damn can you be so wrong? As I am typing this comment, I am seeing my character rubberband like crazy. I can tell cause my task bar is see through, and Unturned is full screen.
I prone, crouch, jump, walk, run, and I continue to rubber band to the same spot.
I’m still ear raped by rushing water, before loading in.
Serverside, clientside, Nelson’s issue? I don’t know, I don’t care. I want solutions, I’m ornery and I want results. :frowning:

I had the earrape with water in Singleplayer today, what should I do?

The water earrape is only on Germany from my experience

Same is here