An old French ghost, undiscovered for 3 years

Do you know about the Ghost on France? the one that roams Ardennes forest? well, I do, and I documented it for the first time in Years, and am probably the first person outside the France dev team to care in equally as long, so here’s a video of a small explanation and actual video, plus a freezeframe of the ghost;

Edit, too lazy to watch the video?


Yeah no wonder nobody found it

The thing blips into existence for half a millisecond and departs

Also why tf is there a ghost out in the middle of nowhere




I mean, there’s a graveyard in Ardennes forest, and it’s been defiled, so…

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Guys look, the can on the floor is a ghost

Haven’t played France so I wouldn’t know where he’s walking

It’s a shame that the catacombs was never added as it would have made the ghost thing way spookier


I actually found something that deems this as probable, theres a secret effect in the files called simply “F” at first I thought that meant fog, but then i went into the devkit and found something quite surprising

the “ghost” is an effect that just so happens to look white when under frances lighting.
and I had to make the emmision frequency to over 2000 to even see it frequently, so that makes sense that it would be quite rare, but low and behold, the “ghost” at 10k frequency in emmissions

keep in mind i could be completely wrong


i was actually completely aware how it worked, one of the map devs told me a while ago and I just kinda wanted to capture it for myself… ironically enough in the moment before i caught the ghost i was DM’ing them on discord lmao

Sidenote; it’s actually on its side because of a mistake apparently lmao.

Ah fuck, how did we not notice this during spooky month?

lore video inbound