An Unturned II Server Idea

(NOTE: Reason why this thread’s in U4 discussion is because the server needs Unturned II to even exist properly)

So recently, I’ve been thinking about many of the problems with multiplayer and some of the server ideas I’ve had as well. Thinking of mod ideas, server ideas, etc. Some may or may not come to fruition hopefully one or two will. This thread is dedicated to this said server idea and some of the item mod ideas, plugins, and concepts that go into the server. The name for it I have not, but it’s a combination of survival, factions, Semi-RP, and PVP.

All of these concepts will need to be put together with mods of course and quite a few vanilla features.

The Map & "Continuous Worlds"

The idea of the Continuous world popped into my mind. Let’s say the maximum size of an Unturned II map is 400 km² or 20 km x 20 km. How would you have a so called “continuous world” even though the map doesn’t go on for a long time, and also there are player limits to servers. For Unturned II let’s say the maximum player count is hypothetically 200 players per server. If you wanted a bigger server and a bigger map overall you’d have a problem. This is where the solution of the “Continuous World” comes in".

The idea of the “Continuous World” is the idea of taking a map and separating it into square segments like as seen in the picture below. A single continuous “world” separated into several different maps with some form of continuity and the ability to travel between regions. To clarify further, it would technically be four separate servers to maximize the “world’s” player population and you can travel between servers by going to the edge of a map, as long as it’s connected to another map.

At first you may seem mistaken as these are four separate maps all together. But you’re technically both right and wrong at the same time for when you take the map boundaries and put them into a proper map, you’d see a consistent world that you can travel about in. With this example is coastal plains, forest, and a mesa in the right two maps in the world. In the case of this world, it’s a completely blank slate with no looting locations and there’s nothing but materials within the world for you to tame.

Scattered throughout the world would be various hills, rivers, creeks, material nodes, animals, forests, etc. All for you to explore and get materials from. You can build a town, a fort, a port town, etc. From that you can build a Republic, a Kingdom, an Empire, or anything as long as you have enough players (possibly NPCs if that’s ever possible).

Items & Plugins

What would be the features within the server, the mods and such to make it more unique other than the ability to travel between servers. Other features would include town nodes to protect towns and cities from griefers. This would be turned off when one nation declare war on another. Both would be able to attack each other’s cities when they are at war with each other. The looming threat of war would probably end up being a deterrent to KOS in general. If one member of a nation murders a traveling merchant player and steals his shit, the nation the merchant is from may be crazy enough to crack his nation and destroy it. Thus it would fuck over his team mates.


There would be various building materials and paints. Of course you’ve got your standard logs and planks, as well as metal and brick. There would also be Stone Brick for forts and castles, there would also be adobe, sandstone and various building materials for various areas. Some building materials are hypotheticals and concepts for mods, others would probably end up getting in. Also, because all weapons are not raidable with the server, there would be no reason to build giant ugly metal buildings. People could build with wood towns without worry.

Metal wouldn’t exist in the server, but instead various metal ores such as Iron, Silver, Gold, Copper, Zinc, Tin, Coal, Etc. As well as some underground caves with resource nodes. Of course, you could find minerals and nuggets of resources within flowing streams and rivers but they’d be uncommon. You’d have to craft and maintain weapons and tools. Not to mention various fruits and vegetables to grow in gardens and farms to sell and trade to other people.

The reason why I wish for craftable clothing with dye packs is because it’s integral for the server idea to work in general as there would be no clothing spawns at all. Various types of clothing made from cloth from buttoned shirts, short sleeved, sweaters, shirts with inventory space, etc. Several types of leather hats, vests, backpacks, messenger bags, bandoliers, and more clothing items. All of that plus the ability to use dyes to customize said clothing.

The various clothing items that I wish for would probably end up being modded items, but I’m really hoping for the ability to dye craftable clothes in thousands of different colors in Unturned II. This so you could create unique uniforms, nice clothing designs, and some could have practical use if one so chooses. But again, smokeless powder wouldn’t really exist until late game and hopefully one can actually code a mod where there’s smoke from black powder rifles so camouflage clothes would be useless as the smoke from black powder rifles would give away your position if you were to engage in PVP.

Hostile NPCs
Of course, do you think your dreams of nationhood are going to go unopposed? Hahahaha, fuck no. There will be common AI enemies for everyone. These will be the common enemies from the most laughable threat to shit your pants levels of threats.


The barbarians are various bands of primitives who just want to plunder and take your shit. They’ll vary from stone age primitives to coastal raiders who’ll set your shit on fire. The following groups will be emulated to be the various barbarian groups. The barbarians tend to be early to mid game level of threats and are hostile towards all player groups.

  • Germanic Tribesmen, they travel in large hordes and are pretty much the barbarian equivalent to zombies. They’re easy to deal with if you’ve got decent gear. Practically just a mob of troglodytes. However they’re not to be dealt with alone as they can just overrun you. Don’t underestimate the Germanic’s stupidity as they make up for it with numbers.

  • The Zulus, More advanced than the Germanic Tribesmen, they’ll actually engage in slightly more advanced tactics and will actually try to surround you and your friends. They’re the African equivalent to the Spartans and are somewhat difficult to deal with. You need good gear to dispatch them plus friends as they also travel in decently large groups.

  • Viking Raiders, total assholes who’ll raid the coastline and try to plunder your shit and pillage your village. When dispatching them they should be dealt with good gear as well as they’re faster and stronger than most barbarians but come in fewer numbers.

  • Apache Indians, same as the Vikings but are located in environments similar to that of the Southwestern United States. They’re total assholes who’ll fuck your shit by pelting your ass with arrows. You need good gear and a few guys to help you dispatch Apache Indians. However they’re territorial so they don’t travel outside their respective territory.


Bandits are assholes who’ll plunder your caravan and take your shit and rinse and repeat. If you’re engaging in trade these guys will be a major nusince if not outright dangerous. Unlike the other groups of Bad guys these guys are the smallest group in number consisting of five to six guys per group but unlike the Barbarians (with the exception of the Apache sharpshooter) are actually capable of utilizing firearms. They’re also hostile to Barbarian groups and will actually preferably fight barbarians over other players.

However bandits are not the greatest threat as they only travel in small groups. Neither are the barbarians the greatest threat either, even though Barbarians can travel in groups of up to 200. No, because the next group is a late game threat and the only group to possess weapons that are on par with and probably even better than the players in some cases and will take the best groups in the community in order to deal with.

The Imperials

The Imperials, tyrannical assholes who just want to conqueror shit for the glory of their Emperor. The Imperials unlike the Bandits, or the Barbarians actually possess really good weapons such as Artillery Guns, and even late game Warships, Ironclad Battleships. They’re also capable of sieging a town with a normal army. They typically travel with 300-500 men and are the biggest threat to any group. All low level towns are pretty much toast when they face the Imperials.

Imperial Ironclad Types

Leviathan Class Ironclad, similar to HMS Devastation this Ironclad is capable of destroying shore defenses like they’re nothing and terrorize coastal towns with it’s 12 inch naval guns. It’s got heavy armor so you’re going to need really good shore guns or an Ironclad of your own to deal with it. Though it’s very slow only able of a max speed of 8 knots.

Puritan Class Monitor Although it’s not as heavily armed, they’re faster, capable of going 30 knots but they’re substantially weaker and armed with 6-8 inch guns depending on whether it’s a Light or Heavy Monitor. These ships are the largest type of Warship capable of being built and crafted by the player, although they’re very expensive. The Imperium has these in a greater number they’re still relatively weak (for an ironclad) but maneuverable ships unlike the Leviathans.

Now that all the Baddies are out of the way let’s talk about what you the players will do other than fighting bandits and each other as well as gathering resources. This is where we get into nation building and the RP aspect of the server.

Nation Building Aspects
Now that all the resources have been gathered, the town built up, and everything else. It’s time to build a Civic System and to build a Civilization of your own.

Of course, the civic system part would be mostly the Roleplay part of this Survival Semi-RP server and what separates this server from both PVP & Factions Servers. Plus the fact that this server thematically uses weapons and technology from the beginning of the Gun Powder period to 1890s period. You could go the way of Monty Python and set up the Judean People’s Front, or the People’s Front of Judah. Or you can rip off a made up ideology from a Hearts of Iron IV mod, do whatever civic system you please. Hell, LARP as a monarch for all I care. Now we get into another part and the final part of this.

The Friendly NPCs

Of course there would be a few NPCs for trading purposes and to make the world more lively of course. What I’m thinking if possible is that you could recruit NPCs for an army of your own or sell certain materials to NPCs so they can sell mid to late game weapons and tools to you for a form of currency. Hell you could lead an expedition of NPC Merchants to another town on the other server that’s connected to it if you wanted to. Lead war parties on an expedition to carve out your own nation on a part of the map, subjugate others. It’s all up to you from this point on.

For now you’re wondering where I could’ve gotten these ideas from. Well for one, I got the ideas from the Civ servers within minecraft, and these ideas have been piling up with me because over time I’ve thought how could I get more people on a single map without lag issues. Turns out it’s near imossible but I have played ATLAS and Foxhole which use a grid based world map but these grid pieces are one server of their own. So through this method of a grid map which you can travel between the problem would be alleviated. The only real downside I see is the cost of maintaining the servers. What could be possible is over time you expand from one map to two or four with time.

TL;DR, vanilla Unturned II with aspects of minecraft Civ


Hey, your idea was phenomenal, I had never thought about it on Unturned, even though I’ve seen it in other games, mainly on cell phones (like the World Truck Driving Simulator).

Now I just have one question: Would it be just a server that would host the 4 pieces of the map, or would each part of the map have a server?
I’m asking this as an extreme layman, as I don’t know anything at all about hosting servers, so if I said some blunder you can disregard it.


Hey, i remember this kind of suggestion a couple of years back when the forum was first made for Unturned II and people were actually putting out interesting ideas with drawings and elaboration. There were a good couple interpretations for this concept, my interpretation is as follows:

You could have 4 servers that have the same configuration, locked with a code that is only accessible by the other servers when the connection is migrated to the new server (in this case, even map). You have 1 massive map with a lot of players, spread around 4 servers that are linked together. Tunnels connect the map sections and when you enter a tunnel, you trigger a connection to the server/map you go to. Items and data transfer over, most likely from a global file for all the servers.

That way you can have a very big map with tons of players, different settings and continuation, while saving on resources both server-side and client-side. I think the real challenge here is how you get the triggers in to connect the player to the new section/server.

I don’t have a lot of technical know-how on a software-level to know how and why this would work, but this sounds very possible. Only thing that is a blur to me, is how this would be organized, but i’m willing to bet a couple of big hosting names would organize this thing pretty quickly, provided that it’s made possible.


Hello @OPFOR, I really like this idea. Indeed, I suggested something loosely similar to your idea when I talked about Nelson’s idea about implementing “excursions” into UII, something he mentioned on the Trello roadmap for UII (this is the post I’m talking about).

You can read the topic I linked if you want to, but in brief: I talked about implementing some sort of “instances” that players can access that are independent from the rest of the server and in these instances players can fight through a uniquely dangerous environment in order to obtain rare one-time loot.

Molton further added to the discussion and said that such instances are feasible when it comes to their technical side since I claimed that I had no experience in programming and was wondering if such a concept was technically achievable.

In conclusion, I drew a comparison between my post and yours and would like to add that Nelson’s concept of “excursions” could be twisted in a way to include your concept of “Continuous Worlds”.

Good suggestions. :+1:


This sounds super cool, I’m pretty sure this could work as I’ve seen systems like it twice before.

A.) The Long Dark has one open world spread out across several “regions”, you can move between regions by going to “access points” like caves and mountain passes.

B.) This one I feel is much more relevant to the discussion, this concerns the game Space Engineers (SE), for those out of the loop, the multiplayer optimization in SE is really bad, it’s gotten better over the years, but it’s still not very good. Vanilla servers have a maximum of 16 players, in a game world that spans literally hundreds of thousands of kilometers, so vanilla servers fell completely lifeless.

Then someone made a plugin that allowed players and grids (player built vehicles) to move between servers, by going to a set of GPS coordinates and typing in a command. Soon people thought to make one star system instanced out into separate servers, which allowed more people to play in the same game world.

I think something like this could help get around the map size limits, I remember nelson saying in an interview that UE4 could handle maps twice the size of 3.0’s “insane size”, so by linking maps, some truly massive game worlds could be created.


I finally completed the post, I may go into more detail about the mods within the server.


Why not just have one big map instead? We know UII is optimized enough to not load the entire map, so you could have some absurdly big maps if you wanted to.

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@anon73161152 Multiplayer player limits, that’s why.

This subject has already been discussed.

The whole idea of a “continuous world” is four separate servers with four maps that are consistent with a world map as a whole.

Ho-ly shit, I just remembered it’s possible to transfer character inventory between saves, connected worlds possible in 3.0? It might be with plugins but then again I’m not sure if it works in multiplayer.

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Did it strike you just now ?
Don’t you remember cheating items in singleplayer and then join with full top gear in a multiplayer server in 2.0 ?

Bro your post is Astronomical, Good job.

nah, I started playing 3.0 around the france update, I tried out 2.0 in singleplayer and had fun with it, but no one runs servers for it. Although it is exciting to hear there might be provision for something like @OPFOR’s idea in 3.0’s code.

Yeah, 2.0 didn’t have a separate loadout for the server and client side, so when you joined a server, your singleplayer loadout would transfer over. People used to download a trainer-type software to cheat top-grade items and join some multiplayer server with the same gear.

I think there was an option in 3.0 in the server properties where you could make it so client-side loadouts transferred over into the server, but I’m not sure about that.

Either way, it used to be a thing, so the implementation seems plausible.

@darkySp This would be a server to server thing. So, you’d be able to load your inventory from one server to another. Thus the idea of a “continuous” world from server to server.

I know, we were talking about how this system was a thing before, so the code could be reused for it, albeit for specific servers.

E então? oque foi decidido desta conversa?

Excuse me, what

Não tenho certeza se entendi muito bem sua pergunta, se você quer dizer fazer um plugin para permitir mundos conectados, concluímos que era possível e poderia ser legal, mas nenhum de nós sabe fazer plug-ins, é legal ideia que alguém pode perseguir algum dia, mas eu não contaria com isso

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