And Then There Were Four


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uhhh what?

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Well, after the previous botched attempt at making this post in Morse Code, I’ve not resorted to making this in the Caesarian substitution cipher, because I failed to account for several factors that would make the entire post unreadable.

The purposes of including ciphers into Unturned II would be to disguise clues for easter eggs, or, my personal favorite, stashes of loot hidden around the map. These can be revealed by decrypting the cipher manually, or by finding a corresponding cipher book that is paired with that location.

Types of Ciphers
Morse Code
This was the one I fucked up on trying to encrypt my last iteration of this post with. Although the encrypted text takes up quite a bit of space, it’s a simple cipher with set values. It can also be transmitted through several different mediums, such as sound and light for example.

Caesarian Cipher
This is what this post is written in. A Caesarian Cipher encrypts the text using a number that “shifts” the letter that many letters down. It’s a simple yet effective cipher that I feel would be the most used one in Unturned.

I’m expecting to see quite a bit of discussion on this topic, as this may as well be as controversial as gore and cannabalism. Please leave any thoughts and comments down below."

I like the idea personally, getting into secret caches by decoding something would be pretty cool.


The guy speaking polish is right. Morse code would be a nice edition to the game.

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What the fuch am i looking at??

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I liked your 2nd paragraph because it was a bit of a challenge.
Btw I don’t think the 2nd paragraph is actually an Atbash.

I would be extremely disappointed to decipher something like this myself only to realize it’s just to go A to Z for some extra loot. Lore-heavy notes being encoded to reveal some secretive location with high loot spawns, rare enemies and more story notes and such would be far more interesting.

I’d love for the Atbash cipher to get some love as well, i know it’s simple but it’s a personal favorite of mine.

And by the way, come on man, that was too obvious. I would recommend hiding it at least a little deeper into the site.


The last time I made a crypto puzzle people had a real hard time even though I basically told them the order to do it in.

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I converted the message to Atbash, and then sent it through the Caesar cipher. I thought for sure i double checked to make sure it was useable.

By the way, did you actually figure either of them out yourself, or did you just wing it? The caesar one is pretty obvious (why would i not use caesar when the OP was written in it) and if you know it’s Caesar it’s pretty easy to brute force by just checking all 52 combinations.

To be fair some of your hints weren’t the most clear, like “Latin Alphabet” actually meaning Atbash.

Also this is just my opinion, but just throwing out clues at random passerby isn’t very interesting. The best secrets are somewhat meta, like hiding them in plain sight in a fairly random but normal looking post. They key is to make it only slightly noticeable that there’s a secret. Then only actual crypto-freaks (read: paranoid people) like us would notice them, and having the thought that maybe you’re the only one who understands the clue is the best motivator to actually attempt to decipher it. When i saw your post, i just thought, “pfft, somebody else has probably already saw this the second he posted it and is half way through cracking it, idc.”


The first and last paragraph were easy. I just used this:

For the second one. I had to figure it out based on context clues which was really fun! Spaces and apostrophes are what made it possible.

You wanted interesting, so I made my second cipher a bit more difficult to solve. Let me know when you crack it.


Well it’s cool you had fun but…

It was meant to come out bold and italic as a hint, but it automatically changed it in the first message so it got lost in the decoding process i suppose.

Working on it! If there’s any Vigenère in here i will be very impressed.

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I dont even understand any of these cyphers ;-;

Very unique way of making suggestions! As for the suggestion itself i’m all for it. Easter-eggs with cryptic morse code/other languages would really get a lot of us working on it.


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