Animal in 4.0

Currently, animals are pretty useless in the game, and you can do without them.

In order to make animals more useful in 4.0, they should appear more often in random encounters as well as being in more crafting recipes. Another suggestion that I have is that you could use the animals to work or to do automation. For example, taming a wolf or a horse to pull a sled.

The main selling point unturned 4.0 shouldn’t just be better visuals and physics but should focus on revisiting less popular mechanics in the game, such as animals.


Pretty much already confirmed, but

This could prove interesting if executed properly.


Yeah that would be cool. I was also thinking of stuff like animal fats and bones aswell as the meat and the hide. All could be very useful in crafting.
Bone knifes and tools, hide clothes that are actually good or have a point to getting. Drying hides ect.
Also things like behives and more berries
Wax could be used for candles.

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