Animal ragdoll issue

I’ve been having an issue with custom created animals. I’ve tried making custom animals, following the Nelson’s guide and the example files, thus creating my own. And they work perfectly fine, except for one vital issue-and that is that they don’t know the concept of death. They don’t transform into a ragdoll state upon death. Instead they are even able to still kill the player after their HP drops down to 0, with difference of not playing any animations, so their attack speed becomes that of a chainsaw.
I’ve tried deleting them and doing them all over again 5 or more times already, making sure to do everything as I’m told to in the guides and such, but still somehow always ended up with the same result.
So what I’d like to ask is does anybody know what the cause of the problem might be? What is it that determines whether the animal goes into a ragdoll state? Is there a way for me to fix it? What should I try?
This is what the problem looks like and there’s no way I can post a mod with a bug like this.

That “Goblin” just looks awful, make it in the unturned style. Best advice my friend who makes animals has, just start over.

I am aware that it looks awful but that is not the issue here.

Animals are very weird and sometimes you will do everything correctly and they still break. You can try checking tags and layers but best bet is to do what I told Spebby and start over.

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I did that. Like 5 or 6 times already. I lost the count.

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