Animals and creatures being more involved

Since 4.x will be heavily base on survival, I would like to see animals and creatures being more involved. By creatures, I mean fictional characters like the bigfoot, kraken, orgs etc. The first idea I have is making the waters more interesting by adding animals and creature to them, players should be afraid to swim on deep waters with the fear of sharks. A kraken also could be added and would have the ability to capsize/damage ships (Idea from Sea Of Thieves) . Another idea I had is bigfoots and black bears being in dense forests like the forest in the picture of the road. Players should have the fear of going into dense forest and being attacked by a bigfoot or black bear. For the bigfoot, it should have the ability to collect loot from the players it kills, this gives players a challenge of hunting the bigfoot that killed them or killed someone that had good loot.

Other Ideas I have are:

  • Gorillas/apes/monkeys being aggravated when you destroy their home (trees)

  • In the night time, orgs or some other creature goes to a random players base and try to kill them by surrounding the base and trapping the person inside.

  • Bears or some other animal should have the ability to damage cars with players inside them

Please feel free to leave your ideas and opinions down below.


Instead of orgs how about hordes of zombies attacking during the night, for the general idea look up dead town on the google play store and play it. It has a scavenge during the day and build a base, then survive through the night as hordes of zombies attack, and it progressively gets harder each night.

Unturned is primarily a zombie survival game, adding vibrant wildlife and an undersea fantasy boss seems like you’re just throwing spaghetti at the wall.

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Fantasy creatures are waaaay off of what Unturned is themed about.

Even random animals like gorillas


We don’t even have sharks yet, let alone krakens…

I mean, bears and stuff are okay, but where the hell did that come from?!

The bears being drawn to cars is the only reasonable thing you’ve posted in this.

We will make a vety realistic game…

But with krakens and bigfoots!


I disagree with the kraken and bigfoot and all the other fictional characters. I liked the idea of bears attacking cars or gorillas attacking you if you break their home. I also think that animals should be vulberable to zombies and get infected.

Just imagine how cool it would be if you were walking in the forest and all of a sudden a zombie deer jumps right at you!

Maybe on some of the maps he could have gorillas

RIP Harambe

This suggestion makes zero sense and I’m struggling to figure out why the OP thought it’d be even a half way decent idea.

While I would definitely like to see animals vastly improved in 4.0, this isn’t the way to do that.


What purpose do you see animals serving? What kind of loot makes them worth killing, and what can be done with them that can’t be done with zombies?

In most survival games as well as IRL, animals are a main source of food, and other raw resources like leather/hide/fur, bones, and animal fat.

I would’ve expected you to know that.


Was still thinking of Unturned, somehow it’s hard for me to picture the player walking around dressed in a dead bear eating slabs of fat to keep their calories up. But if more food types and requirements are going to be added, it does make a lot of sense.

Uhh…I mean, I would’ve expected you to acknowledge hunting for conventional applications, namely as a food source, or butchering dead animals for their meat portions, maybe even using animal fat to make candles and crude fuel and stuff. The Long Dark style, or literally any survival game since the genre is too huge to list, yet virtually every one of them has hunting as a method of raw resource production.

But if you wanna wear a bear I won’t stop you :bear:

Release The KRAKEN!!!

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