Animals And Factions

Will we get to see any new factions thats fresh to us and new wild life animals like artic area = reindeer or snow bunny birds ??


Most likely yes.


From the title I was afraid this would be a post about animals being members of NPC factions.


All I need is Fred the fish, Terry the turtle, Elroy the elephant and Sydney the squid in-game as animal species.

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Personally, I hope so. I think that things like animals and wildlife in general give a greater immersion to the game.

More animals would also make it more intresting to go out hunting


Do you think its possible to get animal traits? So maybe one group of one species of animals has strong horns and brown fur whereas another group of the same species has weak horns strong legs and white fur.


Maybe the player could also gain animal traits, like a tail, ears, or even a snout. Idk just a cool idea!

No thats gross ewwww

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tho they could decorate factions bases or be used by NPC patrols .

How would the player even gain those traits?

I am a caterpillar. Well, that’s not entirely true. My mother was a caterpillar, my father was a worm, but I’m okay with that now.


I hope you can also milk cows or get wool from sheep so the animals arent just there to be killed

someone has never used tactical cats

you do know there will be horses… possibly cats and dogs as well…

You know these will (probably) be trainable?

Also, Im pretty sure you will be able to do stuff like this, but you will have to train the animals, or something like that.

I kind of imagined there would be a lot more variety of animals then now , but i just wanted to make sure , so thx

Unturned 2 dog catching confirmed?

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. … … .

… Dunno

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