Animals farm

  • milk cows without having to kill them.
    -Create chickens that lay eggs individually.
    -Although it is something very complex male animals when near females can reproduce without sex animation with nothing, you only wake up after days with him there and “what a beautiful puppy”
    -Sheep give wool to make clothing and beds.
    -All animals feed themselves and drink only leave a pot of water nearby and they drink alone and reproduce by themselves.

you can kill puppies of the animals to eat but they will give much less meat.

When near a rooster chickens have a chance to put a fertilized egg and even warms the egg (a brooder perhaps?)But the chicken can do that but in the waiting period for the egg to hatch he did not drops others.

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Rise animals

Animals r i s e up


This suggestion would have been amazing, if you had just put more effort into it.


‘All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others’

With an automated system, this could be a pretty cool idea for an RP based server

They are very good ideas and it is very likely to be added

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