Animation of faces





I made some animations for the new unturned 4.0 faces, hope nelson gets some inspiration


They’re pretty simple, they just show blinking eyes, but cool none the less.
(Also keep in mind, 4.0 uses vector faces, not pixel art!)


Thanks once I get my computer fixed I’ll try to do a animation.


As long as there done well I whould not mind.

A occasional blink whould be nice, maybe a simple talking animation when there talking normally

Vary loud/constant noise? Mouth does not close and stays wide open during earape Thomas the train being blasted or screaming.

Low volume detected/speaking quietly, only slight movements, with partial slight movements to the mouth.

With this, hopefully we can pick out the earape kid easily, the sane people talking, the people actually staying quiet and not speaking and those that are whispering.

Anyone with me on this?


Yeah I agree with this I’m going to make animations of this once my dad is done using the computer


I think that faces animations should be dynamic and should be bound to which action the player does. Example, when a player attacks with melee or by shooting, his face should turn to :angry:
When he’s listening to another npc talking it should turn to :face_with_raised_eyebrow: or when he gets hit he’s face should change to something like :confounded:

Sorry for the poor example done with emoji’s, it was just to give the idea xD


Maybe make one which would occur after being shot or hit. Like it TABS/TABG


ok so like this

i really dont like it


Lol, this is what you posted hurt


I’ve been thinking about animated char. faces, and I’m ok with the idea of an occational blink, but I think that faces animations should be more connected to emotes and certain situations including death, on which I’d like there to be some sort of expression like the well known zombie face but with ‘x’ shaped eyes instead.

Said that, I guess that more face expressions would be necessary, and there should be sets of default expressions from which players could choose to articulate characters’ emotions when performing certain actions or going through certain situations. This would hugely improve character customization and give it some personality.

@Peedeoo7 that’d be useful yet weird.

@m4djoker taking in mind what I said above, maybe players could choose among a set of faces varying from a simple focused face up to an angry face when shooting (and maybe a “war thrill” face when shooting long bursts, among other actions).


Good Idea…


they’re looking at my soul… I liked them!


No offense, but that sounds like some mecha anime shit the way you used the emojis xD
But the idea is very good regardless


Decently looks good. But I don’t think that there should be animated faces for when you are killing, getting killed, or being attacked. I feel like they might look cringe, or just not look right.


Yeah like the flinch face I made


flinch face could be like a fast blink, and a head twitch.


I was thinking of a hard blink


Yea ik, I said sorry!!



i found out how to make it bigger, there


Actually this one looks better i think, here. Tell me which one you like bettter


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