Another unity project

So I noticed… Unturned Street Light #1 is mostly cubic, right? So it could be possible it was made only using unity… So I put myself upt o the challenge to recreate it in unity, even if it turns out bad. and well, this is the result so far…

now I just need to figure out the right color values, and make sure its the right size. as well as make the light glow and put off light similar to the normal street light… Wish me luck :stuck_out_tongue:

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could someone tell me the color values of the metal on the light, and the light part itself? like the glowing part?

I really see no difference.

ok your right XD the default color values match most of the light… but I still need a lighter version for part of it XD, along with the bulbs color when its turned on :confused:

getting there…progress

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