Anti necro system

there should be some sort of system that that tells users the post is __ months old before they post.
on the kerbal space program forum it says on the bottom of the page
“this thread is quite old, consider creating a new one instead of reviving this one”
we should have something similar


I agree. Reddit has a similar system in which it also warns that the current topic is _ amount of time old, and may not be relevant.

shit they found my weakness

I actually suggested this as a sub-point a while back. It’s near the bottom of the post.

For a second I thought this was a necro of your post. Ironic

Wasn’t able to confirm any tools or plugins available at the time @GreatHeroJ made his suggestion for auto-closing topics. However, I can now confirm that it would be possible for a system of some sort to be implemented.

It would not have a pop-up warning on old posts, but posts would be able to automatically close after a certain amount of time after the thread’s creation (which should be customizable per category).