Any idea when old curated maps would be "january compatible."

The new beta seems to be screwy with most of the old curated map’s objects and pretty much everything. So I’m rather concerns if it wouldn’t be usable after january. Any ideas?

Please categorize your posts. >:C

If a map hasn’t been rebundled for 2017, then it’s not going to work on that build of the game until it is. The preview branch shouldn’t be used for making your map, if that’s what you’re trying to do. Wait until it’s on the official branch and bugs have been ironed out, and by then more Workshop content will be compatible.

I see.

A little bit off topic here but I’m currently using 5.5.3 for my own stuffs, do I have to change it to 2017.4.something too?

Not until Unturned is running on U.2017, unless you’re wanting your mods to have preview branch compatibility right now.

I’m pretty sure Hawaii and Greece will be there.

I’m currently working on getting France to 2017.4, as it’s currently incompatible.