Any plan for the price of Unturned 4.0?

You probably get asked this question a lot Nelson, but will the game be paid or free, if it is paid, how much would it cost?

It has been discussed that a price between 5-10 USD is reasonable, if not 15 bucks max.

But that’s if the game will be paid. It would be free like always, but from an interview it might be paid. But that’s his choice, who knows what it’s gonna be


Seems pretty reasonable.

iirc he has said somewhere that there are no current plans for 4 to be pay-to-play, although there might be a pass you can buy to play on official servers.


I hope it will be free, but if there’s a Gold Edition again, I will buy it. If the game isn’t free, all Features should be included, and it shouldn’t cost more than 10 USD.

Oh god!
That is not what we agreed on
We all (well mostly) agreed that $5 is a perfect price. It’s nothing new, and it’s affordable
Cuz with $15, I can buy Rainbow Six Seige xD


You did say 15$ max

Almost had a heart attack as soon as I saw 2 digits on the price tag eks-dee

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