Any skills to adjust hat's transform?

The only thing i can do is adjust transform in unity then restart the game.actually, this is so low :sob:


You don’t have to restart the entire game – reloading the game assets instead should be fine.

If you’re spending a lot of time trying to get the position exactly how you want it, you might want to add a character model into Unity to use as a reference.

so,how to reload game assets?
can i reloading when running game?
i can not find any botton.

Page up is the default key for reloading all assets

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thx you very much bro
i can save my time

They’re correct that [Page Up] is the default key assigned to reloading assets, so I’ve marked their solution as the answer. You can rebind this from your Controls settings.

The /reload command can also be used to reload an asset.

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