Any way to add funds to your wallet in steam at the moment in Russia?

This is not unturned related.
I wanted to buy some games on steam because I had birthday like a week ago but I can’t buy anything from a wallet like qiwi PayPal etc. because steam decided to cut from Russia for some reason (probably bc US and Europe hating on Russia).

Any way to get around it?

AFAIK Steam hasn’t taken any independent actions that affect Russian players. You should contact Steam Support for assistance regarding Steam features such as your Steam Wallet.

I’d imagine that your issues could be related to the reason Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarusian developers/publishers are not receiving payment right now—the bank service used for that region has complicated the payment process (presumably due to sanctions).

Alternatively, it’s quite likely that various payment processing services (e.g., PayPal) have suspended services in regions such as Russia (or out of Russia), which would thus prevent you from using that for Steam purchases (and any sort of purchase).

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Use Kazakhstan as money transfer (i.e. their currency - tenge, not russian rubles) in Qiwi and other payment methods.

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Due to the invasion a decent chunk of payment processors are not doing business with Russia and associated territories. I am not going to help you circumvent that, but I am going to tell you that you still have options.


Doesn’t work anymore steam doesn’t accept money from qiwi

Try and buy the steam gift cards

Buying them officially from steam not possible. Buying from Amazon or anywhere else is sus so idk

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I got an idea of how to do it but still not sure if ittl work

Users have already given the most applicable abswers. Closing post as anything outside of the intended methods is likely not an appropriate discussion topic.