Any way to contact Nelson?

Hey, found this forum, might as well ask, since it’s the official one. Long story short; I used to play a lot of Deadzone on Roblox, and followed Nelson trough the start of Unturned, to the many fails and accidental wipes of the data needed to continue work on the games, all the way to the game getting greenlit.

I was probably the first or second person to donate to him, in the prototype gold upgrade donation site that he had in order to get his Unity upgrade. Since I came on the teamspeak a lot because I was interested in game developing, Nelson told me he’d give everyone who donates the gold upgrade thingie once(if) he releases it on steam. To this day I haven’t gotten it, since I lost contact sadly.

So, I want to know, is there a way to contact him that will get me a response? Because so far, I’ve had none. I have plenty of proof, from a video of prototype buildings for Deadzone 2 with me in it, to the original game files for the alpha/beta testing for Unturned 2.0, if it’s really needed. Though, I was quite… lets just say, memorable for the lack of a better word, as I was around 12 at the time.

Edit: I got it! Thank you for not forgetting about me, ZACK.:slight_smile:

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You can contact him through his email- but I doubt he’ll reply. He is also usually active here, so you might be able to sort things out.

Thing is, your evidence seems quite shallow.
“probably the first or second person to donate…”, (any payments history you could show?)
“video of prototype buildings with me in it…” (how do we know its you?)

By all means though good luck on getting those berets, but I’m just being a bit curious and nitpicky with what you said.

Edit: Congrats on the berets!


Watcha want to contact him for? Just curious (Unless that ‘Thingy’ you want is the crimson/gold beret)

I could get him in.

EDIT: Gave him a message and he does recognize your name. But he said:
I don’t have any keys for Gold at the moment but I’ll request some


Just get OWN3D here, he’ll manage to get one :wink:

That’s awesome. I guess I just want to catch up with him. Don’t really need the rewards per say, buuut I do kinda miss those days where I’d just hang around and watch the game get built. It’s a first hand experience that you don’t often get, helps you learn about the video game industry as a whole :stuck_out_tongue:

Unturned : The story of Smartly Dressed Games

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Quite a story. From Deadzone, to Deadzone ‘uhh guys deadzonezackzak gave me this game for free and i totally didn’t steal this’ Remade, to Deadzone 2.0(or what was developed of it), to the numerous remakes of the same game over and over again till the steam version came out :smiley: I do wish the old O.G deadzone days, though. There was something special there. Deadzone will always remain in my heart.