Anybody else not seeing the images?

I’ve recently finished my mod and so I uploaded it. But when I went back to it on Steam I noticed there was no image, I tried the option to upload more images but all for naught. I thought it’s weird and went to Unturned’s most recent workshop uploads and saw this. All of the recent workshop uploads lack their cover photo. Now
it might be just some problem with my connection or whatever that it’s not being displayed for me, so I want to confirm:

Do other people see the same thing in the workshop?

I didn’t see the image.

(Also, please provide the link to your mod so it’s not a pain in the rear to look up one.)

I’ve already removed my mod from the workshop and don’t intend to reupload it until it’s possible to upload images again.

It might be just a bug and the image is there, just won’t show up.

This happens on all platforms I think. It’s just the steam server loading up the images…

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:arrow_up: Yep. As KingFrog said, this is usually just the Steam servers needing to load the image still. However, since you’ve removed the mod, we can’t say for sure.

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