Anyone else play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

Just asking because I’m wondering, what’s better, the M4A1 or Kilo 141? I personally prefer the M4A1, but I’m considering using the Kilo 141 for some grinding.

Any advice?

We talking normal multiplayer or Warzone?
I used both (Kilo mainly because of the Berliner skin) and I have to say they feel pretty alike.

I’m biased towards the M4A1 partly because US. For AR’s I usually go with the FAL and use it as a DMR, or last time I played I grinded the AN-94 because of the burst-fire. I play hardcore almost exclusively so aim speed is pretty much the main factor I consider with picking between guns. And while hardcore Shipment is a nightmare, it is WONDERFUL for grinding if you don’t care about KDR. Alternatively, do regular Shipment and watching what you shoot is no longer a requirement.

I play fortnite, default dance epic

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