Anyone know any good hardcore servers?



by “hardcore” i mean guns like hawkhound would be rare, and military/ranger class weapons would be so damn hard to find.Gasoline would be hard to get. And of course lack of food - rotten, spoiled food and drink, so canteens are useful. Ammo - rare. It would make people DONT kill each other without a good reason. HUNTING - one of the best and only sources to get good food. Maybe crop limit ? So ppl dont get food too easy. Sorry for my BAAAD english. Of course the server dont have to contain all that stuff - i just said what i understand by Hardcore.


Did you try looking up hardcore in the sever browser? Or just search by the hard difficulty setting and look through there.


i did. found nothing, just few dead servers


Well then I can’t help you.


Kameding’s True Survival is an active server like this.


oh, thank you ! I remember him talkin about that server ! I hope its gonna be good ^^