Anyone know how shotgun damage is calculated?

This is totally random but I’m still fussed about how much damage a shotgun deals in the game. For example the Bluntforce states that it has a base damage of 40 but as far as I can remember it can kill a guy with one blast.

Maybe I forgot, cause I’m not sure if it’s per pellet

There’s a multiplier based on how many pellets hit the target.


Damage is how much damage a pellet does. The more pellets hit. The more damage.

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The gun shoots multiple projectiles at once where it’s aimed with some spread.

Each pellet does it base damage (add in multiply of hitbox).

Lets say three hit the torso (and the others miss) that will be 40×torso multiplyer×how many hit. (Including armor)

A shotgun can hit multiple people at once.

Technically, the sawed off with its base damage of 55, can kill three (or four) unarmored people at once in a perfect shot (which is Basicly impossible unless in laboratory conditions). I believe it has 6-8 projectiles?

40 damage is one pellet’s damage. if all hit… omg…

The Bluntforce has 8 pellets and the sawed off and the rest have 6 pellets. The bluntforce can deal up to 352 tops. This includes all pellets hitting the head of an unarmored player. However the Sawed Off with base damage of 55 can do up to 363 damage.

So you are technically able to kill 8 players with just 1 shot using the bluntforce?


No the bluntforce has only 6 pellets and 40 base damage per pellet.

12 gauge shotguns have 6 pellets and 20 gauge have 8. The mag fed shotguns either have 6 or less than 6.

Also worth noting that head multiplier on Bluntforce and some other shotguns is 1.2, not usual 1.1 (Determinator has weird multipliers).

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Ah I see then. At first I thought it would be too high if it’s per pellet but seems it doesn’t sound too bad.

What you think about the other “pirate overload” Yarrrr?


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The calculated damage is for all the pellets combined. Not each pellet. Hope that cleared it out