Anyone know the whereabouts of this player?

I used to play with this guy on unturned who goes by the name of ‘Ale The Alien’ Or ‘President zombie’ But he has since gone missing. Anyone have any contact with him or know him? I’m sorta worried bout him since he was a very close friend of mine. if you know let me know :smiley: Have a good night


The hunt for President zombie has begun…

And so it has…

If he was a close friend why isn’t he on your steam friends list


once he annoyed an entire server staff team he deleted his steam account

That’s possible?


he is hiding out in the jungles of venezuela after being indicted for crimes against humanity during the 1992-1995 bosnian war


Stuttgart’s correct.

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I’ve found him.

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@Jesse_The_Gamer Zombie’s been found, I see.

President Zombie
President Kennedy was in black ops, and black ops was about zombies

President Zombie is Kennedy, than that means zombie was shot in an open car in Houston texas

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@Pesticide You are correct. We were looking for President Kennedy the whole time.


Do you want him Decapitated?

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