Anyone on here get Artifact?


So I got valves new game artifact but none of my friends play it, the only other person I know of that has it is Nelson himself. Did anyone else get it? I’m looking for some mates to play with :confused:




…not. Sorry. :I


How is it like, I’m honestly curious


This is so sad, I thought this launch was gonna be bigger in my friend list.


Out of what I played so far, I really enjoyed it! It feels like you are actually commanding these armies because of how the turns work. Servers are down at the minute though.




no sweaiing MR!!!


Sounds honestly like a Stalker clone.


If you’re not joking: it’s a card game, by Valve.


Its really weird. Definitely not a hearthstone clone, and actually plays decent although its REALLY confusing at first. Ive put a handful of hours into dota 2 so its pretty cool to see how it all translates onto the card game, but Im not that big of a digital card game fan so I don’t think Im going to be putting that many hours into it.


What’s your steam? We should play sometime.


Its in my profile but I refunded it : /


the search continues for people to play with


I’d buy it

But my computer is slower than a haitian’s internet


Check the system requirements its pretty easy to run from what ive seen.


Well, I love valve and all but I can’t stand another dota game. But I think later I will try it.


It’s just set in the Dota Universe, that’s about the only thing that links it to Dota.


besides general game play similaritys like the three lanes


ok thx (10 chars)


Ah, I see. Thanks for that info.